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    Request criteria  bug report



      Request criteria  bug report


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      Bug when a filter is linked to a script which sorts the variable in this type:


      In my case, I put a filter to sort paid invoices, and non paid invoices, however, non paid invoices are displayed even if I chose the paid invoices filter.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      See the DD Catering invoice

      Expected result

      Only "Paid invoices" should appear

      Actual result

      Non paid AND paid invoices appears


      related to the template


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               Exactly how did you use $$Variable* ?

               To perform a find? In a Perform Find step that used $$Variable* as stored find criteria.

               Stored find criteria cannot be set up as expressions with operators to be evaluated. They should be either literal criteria or just a simple Variable with no added operators or other text.

               But you can use a scripted find that uses such an expression in a set field step:

               Enter Find Mode [] ---> clear the pause check box
               Set Field [YourTable::YourField ; $$Variable & "*" ]
               Perform Find[]

               For more examples of scripted finds set up in this format, see: Scripted Find Examples

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                 Youri RICHER:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 As an additional note to PhilModJunk, if the filter is set to find "Payée", this will find records with "Payée" anywhere in the field, including "Non Payée" records.

                 FileMaker, Inc.