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Requests for name/password on reconnect to secondary files

Question asked by Crispin on Sep 27, 2010
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Requests for name/password on reconnect to secondary files


FileMaker Go



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I have a solution that has two files. One is on my iPhone the other on the Internet. The local file takes data from the secondary file. Obviously the internet based one needs a login and password but I don't want to burden users with this on the local file so the primary file is set to auto login with name/password in the file's settings. This works fine (no password requests) when I initially run the db as the first file logs into the second file in the normal FileMaker manner.
However on returning to the db I am asked for the login details for the second file. If I press cancel all is fine as the first db then logs straight back in but it's all very messy and not something I'd want a customer to experience.
My guess is you are testing all running files from the moment you rejoin Go (or in the wrong order) I believe you should test the need to re-login starting with the db that was in view when the solution was left.