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    Resize bug with Labels, Fields and Objects



      Resize bug with Labels, Fields and Objects


      FileMaker Pro


      All versions

      Operating system version

      Windows XP Professional SP2

      Description of the issue

      Whenever we attempt to change from Bold to plain; whenever we attempt to change from left-align to center; whenever we attempt to change a font size ... objects resize themselves to their smallest dimension.

      Steps to reproduce the problem


      Watch the Status, Amount and Invoice# fields to the right as I attempt to simply align, unbold or change font size.

      Expected result

      I expect the objects to stay the same size

      Actual result

      YOu can see the result.  It means that every time we change anything, we must select the object and resize and position it again.  It is major PIB.


      This has been reported repeatedly throughout the past several years.  It is shameful that FMI leaves this kind of behavior in their programs.

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          Thank you for your post.

          Field Labels (which are Text objects) will resize or expand to the minimum dimension when edited.  This is "as designed".  If you change a label from smaller to larger, you want it to expand.  Likewise, if you change it from larger to smaller, it shouldn't leave empty space, and it will reduce to a minimum size.  Granted, your field label is sized to a certain dimension prior to changing the attributes.  However, once another attribute is selected, the label will adjust to a minimum size.  This applies to any Text object.

          Using the example in your video, turn off the border and fill for the text objects "Status" and "Amount".  Create rectangles with the desired fill and dimensions, and then group the rectangle with the appropriate text object.  The text object will still adjust to the minimum dimensions, but the rectangle will not change size.

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