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Restart after crash complaining that too many users already on system

Question asked by Tessf on Jul 16, 2010
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Restart after crash complaining that too many users already on system


FileMaker Pro


10.0v3 (06-18-2009)

Operating system version

Mac OS X Version 10.6.4

Description of the issue

At times when I am working with our database, logged in as system admin, it will crash for unknown reasons.

It will not restart without a system reboot.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I don't know why the system crashes the program, so I don't know how to reduce the problem.

Expected result

If it has quit, I expect it to quit completely, not still show itself as running when it patently isn't. And no, no-one else has this system installed on their computers in our office. It might be on one but that person wouldn't know how to open it, she has been unable to use any Filemaker on her system despite our 10-person license for the File Maker Pro 10 (not Advanced)

When I try to reopen the database with Filemaker Pro Advanced using a program which is registering as being not open at the time, I expect it just to go ahead and reopen so that I can continue to work

Actual result

I get the message as below, and once I click the "OK" option (the only option) on it the whole thing closes down again. Any further attempt to reopen the database without rebooting will get the same result.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

"The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of Filemaker pro. Please refer to the License Key section of your software documentation for further instructions.

License Key conflict occurred with user "CAD 3 (Tess Frost (4)  []".

All files will be closed and the application will quit."