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Right-Click stops FMP 11

Question asked by dshedd on Feb 17, 2011
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Right-Click stops FMP 11


FileMaker Pro


11v.02 and 11v.03

Operating system version

OS X 10.6.4

Description of the issue

Opened a FileMaker Pro 11 Database (created from Started Solution). Works fine until I right-click on a field. Drop down menu flashes and then the database stops working.

Tabs stop working. Nothing available in Menu bar. Click on another field and both fields stay selected.

If I go to Layout mode and back to Browse mode the database works again. This time FileMaker Pro quit unexpectedly.

This issue is across both users.

The totally weird part was when I copied her user back to her old computer The problem started on her old computer and on the other user on her old computer.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open any Database.
Right-click on field.

Expected result

Contextual Menu should drop down.

Actual result

Contextual Menu flashes so fast I can't see it.
Database stops normal functioning.


Go to Layout Mode then back to Browse Mode. Or Quit FileMaker Pro and restart it.

Final workaround - Remove FileMaker Pro 11 from the computer and use FileMaker Pro 10. It works fine.