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    Rolodex setup



      Rolodex setup


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      windows 7

      Description of the issue

      New to FMK.
      I am hoping for help on setting up a active ROLODEX.
      1st "Do i need to create a script for each 26 letters of the alphabet?" (to call the business locations, to populate the contact info (location name, address, city, st, ph)

      2nd "How do I create a listing of persons from the rolodex with use of the first 2 or 3 letters of their name?

      Finally,if i chose a letter from the rolodex (last name starts with jon (jones). How would I tell FMk to advise me that a name or set of names exist (which would I like) to add to the contact's notes.
      If any of the (3) needs are too much. Please pick any one. A little help would be appreciated.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      proceedure help requested.

      Expected result

      1. a b c d e f g etc. (select)one to see if the company or person already exist or needs to be added.

      2. [j] jon  starting giving jone, jones  etc. until list is completed.

      3. jones  jones,a    jones, b  'new or select'

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          This section of the Forum is intended for reporting possible software bugs so that FileMaker Inc can investigate. The FileMaker Pro forum is the section for getting help with how to use the database.

          1) One script will do, you can pass a different letter of the alphabet into the script as a script parameter (You can have 26 buttons that each pass a different letter of the alphabet) or you can select/enter a letter or letters in a global field then trigger a script to sue that input for a find. You can also set up a drop down list that selects names via an auto-complete feature and use that with a script.

          2) The following can be done with a script or simply by taking these steps manually by selecting from menus or clicking icons in the tool bar:

          1. Enter find mode
          2. Enter jon in the last name field
          3. Perform the find.
          4. The results of the find can be displayed via a layout that uses list view or table view to list the matching recors as a list of names


          3) You'll need to provide more detail here. There are several ways to implement that depending on what you want to do and how you structure the database. You can certainly find and append data to a text field. You can also link multiple contacts to each other via an additional "join" table.

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            Mr. Philmodjunk.

            This was surprising on how quick a response came back.


            I will be trying out the suggestion.

            Tks again.