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RSS and filemaker 10

Question asked by joestroll on Jan 16, 2009
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RSS and filemaker 10

Description of the issue

It seems that a file along with it's template that I've used with no problems has no all of a sudden begin to need attention. WHenever I go to add a client company into my template OR hit the CMD + F key , a pop up for "add a RSS to my MAIL "occurs.  It seems to be the same request time and time again for adding the same RSS. I have deleted the RSS request.I have zapped the pramI have run Disk Untility I am at a loss of what to do and I find it very annoying and cannot add nor look up any record without the request for adding a RSS to mail. I also have quit the mail program while entering data and it still starts the mail program and runs the same request for RSS to mail. Any suggestions, please? It's driving me nuts. Thanks Joe