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Runtime Install Builder / user-privileges on Windows 7

Question asked by Benjamin Fehr on May 26, 2012
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Runtime Install Builder / user-privileges on Windows 7


FileMaker Pro


11 + 12

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

I'm having an affordable install-builder (Smart Install Maker - to handle distribution and installation of my Runtime-Solution on customers PC's which does:
decompressing of the resources, show license-agreement with 'accept' button, moving resources to the designated destination and writing any startup-alias' to the desktop and task-bar.
The destinations folder is:
C:/Program Files (x86) /

So far, destination is equally to the install-routine FMI is performing for FMP or FMA installations.
For any freaking Microsoft reasons, several files are in 'read only' state and some user-privileges are not set to 'Full control'. When starting the Runtime, the application is locked since data's can't be modified and on start, a message appears with "67 errors …".

- is there any hidden FM Runtime resource on read-only state that causes the issue?
- how does FMI's installer for FMP / FMA deal some user-privileges settings with Windows 7?
(any scripts to do that settings?)

Steps to reproduce the problem

Download the installer on:
=> MedicalBizz® Installer/Updater Vers. 2.1.3 für Win XP / Vista / 7
(sorry, only German language)

Expected result

all resources set to read-and-write and access-privileges 'Full control' for all users and groups.

Actual result

resources can't be modified due to restricted user-privileges. = >application is blocked and needs a force-quit to shut down


Instructions to user to manually unlock any read-only state and to set user-privileges to 'Full control'.