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    Runtime Solution fails in 2 areas



      Runtime Solution fails in 2 areas


      FileMaker Pro


      FMP Advanced v11

      Operating system version

      Mac OS X (Lion)

      Description of the issue

      1. Runtime solution app does not always begin with the layout designated by the Perform Script when opening the database.  Have not detected a pattern for how the starting layout is chosen.

      2. The database has an "on open" script in the script menu.  When attempting to execute that script nothing happens. 

      #2 may be the entire problem.

      Configuration information

      This database consists of 2 parts: the user interface; and the data.


      I cannot get around the problem other than to not use the runtime solution.

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          Posting a copy of your script may provide more info that will help the techs spot the problem.

          To post a script to the forum:

          1. You can upload a screen shot of your script by clicking the edit link to your original message and uploading it there
          2. You can upload a screen shot to a file share site and post the download link to a new response you post here.
          3. You can print a script to a PDF, open the PDF and then select and copy the script as text from the opened PDF.
          4. If You have FileMaker advanced, you can generate a database design report and copy the script as text from there.
          5. If you paste a text form of the script, you can use the Script Pretty box in the Known Bugs List database to paste a version that is single spaced and indented for a more professional look to your script. (Use the HTML option and paste the text into the HTML editor.)
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            Well.  By following Dr. Phil's advice to list the scripts, I was forced review the scripts (wouldn't want to show stuff that is really bad).

            I discovered the problem.  For this application, I extract the system Application Version and did not realize that Runtime had a different answer than Pro.

            So rather than a system bug, this is clearly a DSE.