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Save as Excel only works intermittently

Question asked by chetan on Mar 10, 2009
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Save as Excel only works intermittently

Description of the issue

Product: Filemaker Pro Advanced 10(also occurs on Filemaker Pro 10 Trial version) OS: Windows and Mac OS Issue:I have a Report with a number of Summary fields and some Grouping.The underlying table contains about 800 records, so nothing too big.There is a self join relationship within the table. Producing the report in Browse, List and Preview modes all works very well, however, when I try and Save as Excel, Filemaker just produces an empty Excel file.Using Save as PDF works fine, and also Export to Excel works fine. This occurs on both Windows and Mac OS. The only workaround I've managed is to filter records using Find to a small subset of records, then Save as Excel of this small subset works, then do a Show All, after which Save as Excel for the entire table then works. This workaround, however, only works intermittently. I also have a question related to this report when Saving as Excel does work.My report summarises multiple records into a single line (standard summary / grouping).If a group has 5 records, then the report in Filemaker correctly shows a single summary line for these 5 records. However, the Excel file created using Save as Excel shows 6 lines: 1 summary line, and 5 individual records. Please note that for all the above, the report DOES NOT have a Body sub-summary section. Only two leading-summary sections. Regards, Chet