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Save as Pdf Compatibility Options behaves differently in v11 and v13 affecting ability of pdfs to be...

Question asked by kiwikaty on Sep 23, 2014
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Save as Pdf Compatibility Options behaves differently in v11 and v13 affecting ability of pdfs to be opened in some browsers


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows - have not tested on mac

Description of the issue

When saving a pdf you have three options to select for compatibility - Acrobat 5 and later, Acrobat 6 and later and Acrobat 7 and later. When creating pdfs that have security attached (password applied) in v11 and you choose compatibility Acrobat 5 and later that is what you get... a file that when opened is compatible for Acrobat 5 and up. If you create the same pdf in v13 and select the same options the file it creates is actually compatible only with Acrobat 7 and up. If it is a secured file then it does not matter what you choose in v13 for compatibility.

Major for us in the fm11 created pdfs are happily opened and downloadable on most students pcs and devices. The same files created on fm13 are causing blank tabs to be opened in Safari and on iPads.

Steps to reproduce the problem

File - Save records as - pdf (or script step Save Records as PDF), set options... Compatibility - Acrobat 5 and up, set security options on second tab to require a password.

Expected result

Created PDF will be compatible with Adobe version 5 and up when you check the properties of the pdf

This is the behaviour in filemaker version 11.

Actual result

Created pdf is compatible only with Adobe version 7 and up

Configuration information

fm13 created pdfs with security accessed via a cwp php site will cause a blank tab to open instead of the pdf for users with Safari as their browser and on iPads. Fm11 files created using the same options accessed via the website will open as expected.


None so far as I have only just worked out what is causing all the complaints.