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Save as PDF on Windows

Question asked by JeroenAarts on Apr 27, 2010
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Save as PDF on Windows

Description of the issue

I noticed an unfortunate shift in behavior in FileMaker 11 (Pro/Advanced) on Windows. Save as PDF now creates a file and add 3 Windows security groups/users:- Administrators- Current Windows user- SYSTEM (local system account) In previous versions, the created file took over the permissions of the parent folder. The actual situations in FileMaker 11 results in an undesired behavior: When you create and save a PDF file from FileMaker on a shared volume in a network, others users on the network are unable to open the file, as they do lack any permissions to read the file. I have tested this in various environments (Windows XP, Win Server 2003) and the described behavior is confirmed in all cases PLEASE FIX!  - Jeroen Aarts