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    Save as PDF, Cannot edit with Preview



      Save as PDF, Cannot edit with Preview


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      Description of the issue

      Have a script that saves a record as a PDF to an Apple File Server.  Once saved, I open it with Preview 7.0 (826.4) and delete the blank pages at the end (container fields that can hold photos, but are sometimes blank).  Preview can open the file, edit the file, but cannot save it.  Says You don't have permission.  Dragged the file to the desktop and Preview still does not have permission to edit and the changes to the same fiel.  Opened Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and was able to edit the file and save the changes.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      In FileMaker, a script saves as PDF the current record or records being browsed.
      Open in Preview on Mac and delete blank pages
      Save in Preview.

      Expected result

      Should replace the original file with the new file with the blank pages omitted.

      Actual result

      Get the error you do not have permission to change the file.


      Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0 will make changes and save them.

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          You should be able to use sliding field options to eliminate these blank pages in the first place if you can specify "top" alignment in the container fields' data formatting and then set them to "slide up" and to "resize enclosing part".

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            Tommy Keith:

            Thank you for your post.

            I am unable to replicate the issue.  This is what I have done:

            1. Using FileMaker Pro 13.0v4 under Mac OS X 10.9.5, I accessed a hosted file (FileMaker Server 13.0v4 under Mac OS X 10.9.4) with full access privileges.

            2. One table with one layout contains 300 records; 1 record per page.

            3. I pulled down the File menu and selected Save/Send Records As -> PDF...

            4. I left the file name with the default of "Untitled.pdf", selected "Records being browsed", selected the Desktop, and clicked Save.

            5. Once finished, I opened Untitled.pdf in Preview - 7.0 (826.4).

            6. In Preview, I pulled down the View menu and selected Thumbnails

            7.. In the left column, I started with record 101 and pressed the delete key 200 times so the first 100 records were left.

            8. I then pulled down the File menu and selected Save.  No issue.

            9. I then opened the file again in Preview and then in Adobe Reader.  No issue.

            Let me know what I'm doing differently than you so I can replicate the issue.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              When I manually do what you did above, everything worked fine.  When I run the following script, I cannot modify the PDF file that is created.  The script is:


              Perform Script ["Mount summary Data Sets Volume" from File"RWRP Navigator"]  - This mounts the share on my Apple File Server 

              Set Variable [$$SummaryName; Value:RWRP Admin_::ID] - This makes the name of the file a seven digit number that is unique to the data set

              Save Records as PDF [Restore; No Dialog: $$SummaryName"; Current Record] - The Restore is Save: Current record with the options being Document - Acrobat 7 or later, Number pages form 1, include all pages; Security - default; Initial Views of Show Pages Panel and Page, Page Layout Single Page, and Magnification of 100%


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                Tommy Keith:

                It is still difficult to determine where this issue is failing.  Therefore, try the following:

                1. Disable the current "Save Records as PDF" step, and create a NEW "Save Records as PDF" (do not duplicate the existing Save step).

                2. Perform with No Dialog, use current record, and use a static file name (like "Untitled.pdf") and save it to the Desktop.  See if this opens properly.

                3. If step 2 works as expected, change the file name to $$SummaryName (I'm assuming the .pdf extension is included) and save to the Desktop.  See if this opens properly.

                4. If step 3 works as expected, change the destination to include the mounted server.  See if this opens properly.

                Keep repeating the previous steps each time adding a different option.  This should help narrow down what is causing the issue.  Continue to keep me updated.

                FileMaker, Inc.