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    save or print current record of preview mode



      save or print current record of preview mode


      FileMaker Pro


      14 (also older ones)

      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      if you want to save or print current record in preview mode, instead of the current record on screen in preview mode the current record of browse mode is saved/printed.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      make sure you have more than one record in your search result or show all records.
      remember the record which you are working in.
      switch to preview mode (the save as pdf button will appear)
      now browse to another record and klick save as pdf
      enter a filename and save "current record" only.
      open the new generated pdf and you will see that not the record was saved which you see on your screen.

      Expected result

      record in pdf should be current record of preview mode

      Actual result

      record in pdf is current record of browse mode.


      select current record in browse mode

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          Preview always assumes that you are going to print with the "records being browsed" option selected and thus previews the entire found set rather than just the current record. A common work around for this is to limit the found set to just the current record. Then the record previewed and the current record correspond with each other.

          Point of fact, you don't get a "current record" in preview mode, just a current page--which might show several records or just part of one record.

          But you can save as PDF and specify a page range to save just the current page. The "book control" in the status area or a special inserted bit of layout text can show the current page number.

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            Thank you very much PhilModJunk for your quick response!

            Now I understand the point of view of FM developers and will live with it. Even, from an intuitive view, I would expect that current record will change in preview mode and formular view. ;-)

            br Philipp