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Save Records as Excel and Export Records behave differently

Question asked by SeligL14FM on Feb 2, 2015
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Save Records as Excel and Export Records behave differently


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac 10.8.5

Description of the issue

I have a Call table and a related Substance table. I want the users to do a daily export of the data for backup. Currently they do this in 3 steps:
1. Export Records from a button on the Call List (Export set to Call Table to ensure all fields exported).
2. Same with Substance Table, from the Substance Table List
3. Save a Copy of the database (whole database)

This works fine and the exports are fast (7000 and 4000 odd records).

I have been asked to combine these in one script and have tried both Save Records as Excel and Export Records and fine that I am getting different results (smaller file with fewer fields in Save as Excel).

So first question is should these be the same, or is there a difference between Save Records as Excel and Export Records?

In order to do this in the combined script, I switch to the Call List Form then export the Call records, then switch to the Substance List form to export the Substance records. To be sure I got all fields I actually switch to the Input (Detail) forms to be sure.

When I set the export I actually set to to Call Table and not a Layout but since I am not showing a dialog, I can't see what is actually being used.

The related Substance table with half the records, exports very slowly (in comparison to doing the export manually from a button on the Substance List from).

I also see that when I am writing the combined script, I must be in the Call List to set the Export to using the Call Table and must switch to the Substance List to o set the Export to using the Substance Table.

1. There seems to be a difference between Save as Excel and EXport Records that I did not get from the documentation.
2. Even wehen scripting for the two exports I need to be on the corresponding table (form) else the wrong Table/Forms are shown.
3. Question to prevent all the form changes I want to use Freeze Window then Redraw Window and presume that will still work the same way?

SCRIPT (In case you want to review it)
ATTACHED - as SCRIPT WHOLE  -I had to combine the screen shots so sorry is tough to read