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Save to pdf crashes filemaker

Question asked by jrobgk1 on Feb 19, 2013
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Save to pdf crashes filemaker


FileMaker Pro


12.03 pro and 12.02advanced

Operating system version

windows 7

Description of the issue

When creating a pdf from multiple records, filemaker will force close when reaching "save as pdf" stage from either a script step OR from choosing the menu in preview mode.  Concurrently, we get errors stating that the header and footer are too long when they clearly are not.  choosing the print dialog button typically relieves that error, but there has to be a relation.  I am attempting to print from supercontainer fields and need the images to print one per page.

Steps to reproduce the problem

upon creating a found set, i choose preview mode, then save to pdf.  sometimes filemaker just closes and disappears.  other times, it runs through the routine, and then closes when the save as dialog box opens.

Actual result

This is a disaster, as the FM solution runs my wife's business and is preventing us from BILLING.  Can't have it, and can't go BACK to fm 11.  need assistance!!!

Configuration information

using point in space hosting on FM 12, all of our machines are running windows 7.