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Saved Finds Issue: FM doesn't remember the find type (regular, constrain, extend)

Question asked by pajonate_1 on Aug 18, 2009
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Saved Finds Issue: FM doesn't remember the find type (regular, constrain, extend)

Description of the issue

Hi FileMaker folks,I was very excited about introduction of the Saved Finds capability if Filemaker, but was surprised to find it not very useful for my projects.Here's what I think is a bug in the logic FM use when dealing with saved finds:If you search by one field in your db, and then you want to constrain/expand your found set, you need to do another search. So far, everything is OK, you have two recent finds listed (one the regular and one for the constrain/expand).Let say you work in your db, and now you need anothe found set, you do a search for those records. In case you need to constain/epand by the same criteria you used first time, FM doesn't remeber wat kind of search you did. If you go to records/saved finds and click on your constrain/expand recent find, it will do a simple find by that criteria, but for all the records in the db, not against your newly estblished found set.It would be very helpfull if FM remebers that, since in my organization we have a layouts with a lot of fields (native, calcs ad related ones).So when we have more than 200K records to search it is easier to search by the native ones first to get a smaller found set, and then by any of the calcs/related ones, and constrain the found set to the set of records we need. Frequently, our search by the native fields is varing, and the search by the calcs stayes the same. In that case, it would be easy for my users to do their initial finds, and then do the saved finds for constraining, but then FM is actualy doing the find by related fields against 200k records (not against the found set), which blocks my users for using the FM, and brings a wrong rezult. I brought this issue to the FM DevCon, andI talked to couple of people (Jesse Antunes from SixFriedRice, Agnes Riley from ZeroBlue, Matt O'Dell from FileMaker) and they all agreed that FM should remeber the type of find you do, and apply it when you recall that recent find.  It might be a bug, it might be a something what was not concideredwhen programme, or.... but I think it will be nice, helpfull and useful if it gets included in some of the other FileMaker updates. Sincerely Pavle Ancevski