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Scandinavian ø

Question asked by JonJ on Nov 10, 2009
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Scandinavian ø

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When English is used as the indexing language of a field, the character 'ø' is treated as a different from 'o'.   This may be appropriate for indexing in Scandinavian languages, but seems counter-intuitive for English indexing -- for example the Unicode consortium's UTF-32 standard even describes it as "Latin small letter o with stroke", and other accents and diacritic marks are ignored in English indexing.   This means that a search for "Ho" will return "Hoffmann", "Hömell" and "Hòs" but not "Høffer" -- confusing for English speaks, especially where names from various languages are being stored in the same field (e.g. an international customer database). Is this intentional? I am hosting databases on Filemaker Server 10 on Windows Sever 2008, and using mixed filemaker clients (filemaker 9 and 9adv on Mac and on PC, filemaker 10 and 10adv on mac and PC).  All Filemaker software is fully updated, as are the operating systems.   This problem seems to have emerged since we upgraded to server 10 -- at least, it was first reported shortly after we upgraded. Many thanks for looking in to this. Jon.