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Scheduled Backups aborting with unexpected error (642)

Question asked by ehall on Jun 9, 2011
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Scheduled Backups aborting with unexpected error (642)


FileMaker Server

Version (Advanced)

Operating system version

OS X 10.6.7

Description of the issue

Our scheduled daily backup has aborted on three of the past seven days, each time noting "unexpected errors."  This seemed to start just after we updated to  Security updates were also applied to OS X this time, but otherwise I can't think of any particular changes to the Server environment.

This schedule task is set up to back up all databases to a local folder.  Both "Verify backup integrity" and "Clone the backup file" are enabled.  This is our only scheduled task.  Until a week ago, it has been running for a couple years without any problems.  There have been no changes to the task.

In the folders of the failed backups, most files show a file size of 12kb, while a few have more realistic file sizes (our largest database is under 50mb).  In each case, the same files seem to get backed up successfully before the backup fails.  There are no files at all in the Clones folder.

All of the files passed a consistency check.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Unknown.  On some days, the backup succeeds.  On other days, it fails.  In our case, it has failed as follows:

June 3: Fail
June 4: Fail
June 5: Success
June 6: Success
June 7: Success
June 8: Fail

Expected result

The scheduled backup should succeed every time it runs.

Actual result

Sometimes the scheduled backup fails.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Each time the schedule is aborted, I find the following messages in the server logs:

Server Events Error 729
Backup aborted by user or due to error; some incomplete files may be left in destination. (20410)

Server Events Error 642
Schedule "Daily Database Backup" aborted; unexpected error. (20410)