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Scheduler error with scripts (or folder) with same name

Question asked by uqbar on Aug 5, 2012


Scheduler error with scripts (or folder) with same name


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

2008 Server Standard SP2 32bit

Description of the issue

When selecting a FileMaker script to be run with the scheduler, if another script with the same name has been created before the one we want to run, the first one will be run instead, even if we select the second one in the file tree.
When going back in to edit the script, the scheduler will clearly show the first one as the one selected.

More, if the first element created with the same name was a script folder, the scheduler will 'run' the folder, giving no error and writing 'OK' as last status

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open a hosted database with FM Pro 12
create a folder called 'test me'
create a script called 'test me' which creates a new record and puts "one" in a text field
create a second script called 'test me' which creates a record and puts "two" in the field.

Test 1 - create a schedule on FM Server selecting the second script and run it.

Then copy the scrips outside of the folder and delete the folder
Test 2 - Run the schedule again

Expected result

To find 2 new records saying "two"

Actual result

Only one record saying "one" and no second record

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Rename scripts