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    Screen maximising and menu problems on Windows 8 tablet



      Screen maximising and menu problems on Windows 8 tablet


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 8

      Description of the issue

      This problem was discovered when I added a Mac authored solution to a HP Elitepad 900.
      Windows 8 has a setting in the Control Panel which boosts the size of screen objects and fonts, as a 1280x800 pixels on a 10" screen is tiny.
      It is found under Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalisation -> Display

      The heading "Change the size of all items" is set to "Medium - 125%" by default.

      This means that Filemaker menus and layouts are all stretched (badly and pixelated) to 125% of their proper size. It also has the effect of making some menu items unresponsive. Especially items that are at the bottom of the menu.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Get a Windows 8 table PC and set the screen options to the default "Medium 125%".
      Then open Filemaker Pro and maximize the screen - see the crappy look of it.

      Expected result

      Software should operate normally, but doesn't. This error even occurs when no database is open.

      Actual result

      Try and click "About" or "Preferences" in the menus and you can't. The menu just closes.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error message, just bad screen behaviour.

      Configuration information

      Experienced on HP Elitepad 900
      1280x800 screen resolution
      Windows 8


      Set the screen to "Small - 100%" setting and instead edit the sizes of just the system font settings for Title, Menus etc.

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               Another work around would be to use Preferences to select "enlarge window contents to improve readability" or to set the window zoom to a larger figure.

               Here in our mixed xp/windows 7 LAN, I set up a preferences file that looks up a zoom percentage for each user based on their user name--which I've set up to identify the specific computer rather than the user and it then sets a global field to this value as well as the zoom level of the current window. Any scripts that open a new window check the global and set the zoom to match.

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                 I've seen that preference setting too. But it only affects the display of the Filemaker database and not the system fonts - although it does a better job of zooming in than the windows system. My point is that the Windows System has a global zoom funtion which corrupts the look of things in Filemaker. When the Windows Display setting is set to zoom it pixelates EVERYTHING in Filemaker. If you adjust the view of the database zoom percent it has no affect on the operating system i.e. menus are still small.

                 I can see that setting a 'zoom' variable per device would be handy in some cirumstances, but makes it hard to predict what dimensions to create the layout at to make the most of the screen real estate. It is also possible to determine what kind of device/platform is being used and set it that way i.e. it looks different on mac OS, iOS, Windows etc.