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Screen misaligned in FileMaker Go for iPhone

Question asked by dickiedyce on Jul 20, 2010
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Screen misaligned in FileMaker Go for iPhone


FileMaker Go



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Description of the issue

In landscape view, adding a new window from the same layout (using the green plus button) causes the layout view to jump 20 or so pixels right - making it difficult to access the menu button.

Steps to reproduce the problem

It's only semi-reproducible. Using the Sample file that ships with go, open the file, go back one record, click the 'show open windows' button (?) in the top left hand corner. Click the green plus button at the bottom of the screen to add a new view.

Expected result

You should see the layout correctly.

Actual result

You should now see the layout slightly off to the right - with a black bar down the left hand side, and the menu cog partially obscured. The bar at the bottom is correctly placed however.