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    Screen Redraw Bug



      Screen Redraw Bug

      Description of the issue

      System: Samsung X22 LaptopVideo: ATI Radeon HD 2400OS: WinXPFMP: FMP Advanced 8.5v2 I am experiencing a strange recurring problem that I can't solve. Whenever I am working with a database, either in browse or layout mode, every few minutes the entire screen redraws slowly and noticeably. It does this about 2 or 3 times in a row. I literally see all of the objects on my layout move up and down as the screen redraws. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this. I tried changing the cache, save cache contents time, removing calculations from the layout, creating a new database (using the supplied FM templates). I thought maybe it was a bug with 8.5v2. I downloaded the trial for FMP 9 and I have the same problem. I've been using FM for years on both Win & Mac and have never experienced this problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I have been using FileMaker since 1988 (when it was owned by Nashoba), and like you, I have never seen this problem before (except when using a file over the web), and it hasn't been reported by another user.


          I know that doesn't help you, but there is obviously a conflict somewhere, and it sounds like you have already tried a number of things.  Here are some additional questions that may help determine the cause...


          1. Does this screen draw problem happen with any other application?  That is, are you running any other application for an extended period of time?


          2. What other programs do you have loaded into memory?  Have you tried closing other applications and just run FileMaker Pro?


          3. Is the file being shared?  Is File Sharing turned on?  If so, can you turn it off and see if the problem continues?


          4. Do you have access to another machine?  IF so, does the problem also happen on that machine?


          Since this also happens with FMP 9, there is no need to reinstall 8.5v2.


          Please keep me posted with what you have tried.  This will help narrow down the possibilities.


          I'm sorry I don't have an immediate answer for you.



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            Generally Filemaker redraws and flickers much more on Windows than on Macs, but there are a few things one can try to limit this annoying issue.


            In my experience, maybe the best ways is to turn off hardware acceleration in the Display properties for the graphics card.


            Try that and see if it helps. 



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              I was really hoping you might be onto something. I turned off hardware accelartion (something I hadn't considered before), but alas, nothing changed.


              Clearly it's something with my setup. I'm going to try this on another Windows PC and see what I come up with.

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                Sorry it didnt' work for you, initiator.


                I forgot to mention that you may need to reboot the machine for the change in the graphic acceleration to take effect, so if you havent tried that, you may want to give it a shot.


                Generally, try to avoid stacking objects on top of each other as they sometimes redraw at different rates on some Windows systems, causing a flickering effect.

                You may be able to lessen the effect by playing with fill colors and transparency. 


                Filemaker screen flickering on Windows has been an issue at least since version 6, but has been somewhat lessened in version 9.  

                As far as I know, Filemaker engineers are aware of the issue and are working on it. 

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                  Hi initiator,


                  Have you tried updating the Radeon HD 2400 driver?  If not, you can do so at this site:






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                    I am having a similar problem, though it is with FM8.0v3 on Windows XP (SP3) machines.  It is not a problem on all machines, just some. Video drivers are up to date. 


                    We tried turning off the video acceleration as a test for one user, as suggested earlier in this thread.  This seemed to this user that it might have helped, but she cannot keep it turned off as doing so interferes with a video player she needs to perform her job.


                    FileMaker has always flashed excessively on Windows (especially compared to Mac).  It seems that FileMaker has never really cared about its Windows users as long as it looks good on the parent company's (Apple) machines! 


                    I realize SP3 is not certified and that they are on an older version of FileMaker.  But SP3 isn't even certified for FM9 and FileMaker hasn't released an updater in months to attempt to rectify this.  SHould the world stand still until FileMaker catches up with current operating systems and bug fixes?


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                      I am also having this same "Re-Draw" problem (along with another problem I'll post in a bit) I have been following this post and trying the advise but nothing has changed.

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                           I too am having the same issue.  It's happening on about 5 of our 90 Windows computers.  We've changed the cache settings, looked at the video stuff as well.  I'm really at a loss and am frustrated that I can't help my users.  Additionally, those users are now way less effiecient at doing their jobs because they have to restart FM to get the lighting fast blinking to stop.  In other instances the redraw is so slow that hey can't quickly navigate thru records because there is a 5-6 second delay for all the fields to reappear.
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                             Glad to see that I am not the only one experiencing this frustrating issue. Unfortunately, I have nothing new to add. Nothing I seem to do helps. :(
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                               Yes, this issue wastes my time at work.  But when I login to my work computer, which runs XP, through Remote Desktop Connection from my Mac at home, this issue is magnified by 10x and FileMaker can at times be unusable due to the delay in screen redrawing.