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    Screen Redraw Problem



      Screen Redraw Problem

      Description of the issue

      We're experiencing times when the screen seems to refresh many times in a row effectively freezing up the user.    With 100 people logged in yesterday, 85 in FM 9 and 15 in FM 10, the FM 10 people were severely crippled by the repeated screen refreshing.   With a light user load it performs fine.   

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          We are aware of a screen refresh flickering with Windows, so I'm assuming you are using Windows computers.  A lot of users have gotten some relief from an updated video driver, so you may want to seek that route, too.


          If this is happening on Mac OS X, please let us know.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Working the hole day with a Filemaker solution flickering makes you crazy.


            The flickering is a big problem for acceptance of Filemaker solutions for Windows users.


            Nobody will by a flickering software !


            Updating video drivers is not the solution at all. So please solve this problem.

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              Sorry for mistake in previous posting.


              The most important word should by "BUY" Filemaker.

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                I have been a Filemaker user since it first came out for the make and pre Claris.  I must say this screen redraw problem is a major issue and I must agree with sj.  The system is unusable as it.  Once this flicker issue starts it causes both my displays to go into a continued flicker / refresh until it finally stablizes.  It is not a hardware issue or video card issue.  I am running it on one of the highest end Dell laptops with a dedicated video card to run 3D ProE and Catia V applications, which is does with no problem.  This issue must be fixed or FMP will quickly drop from the current high rating it has. 


                Please try and expedite a fix for this ASAP.

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                  Any update on this?

                  This is a real deal braker, NO CUSTOMER WANTS TO BUY FLICKERING SOFTWARE, do you hear me FileMaker?

                  Currently it's a nightmare to develop cross platform with FMP10. Smooth working on OSX and intensive flickering and flashing on Windows XP.

                  I'm stunned, never would have expected such problems. And no, it's not the video driver, updating to latest video driver released 02-2009 brought no relief.

                  If there is no improvement soon we will have to pull the plug and abandon FileMaker (which we would hate to do, but our company can't afford dissatisfied customers).

                  Thanks + best regards,

                  Jan Harmsen

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                    At this time, there is no update on this screen redraw/flicker issue.


                    Some users have corrected this with the latest video drivers.  Others have not.


                    Other users have used Freeze Window script step to halt the flickering. 


                    If any of you have video capture software, please capture a movie and contact me by private message (top of this screen - right side - envelope icon), and I'll make arrangements to retrieve your files.



                    FileMaker, Inc.