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    Screen redraw problem on a Mac



      Screen redraw problem on a Mac

      Description of the issue

      I use Filemaker Pro Advanced 9.0v3, operating on an iMac running 10.5.7. My iMac has an ATI Radeon 2400 XT display card. I am concerned with a dbase which is hosted on an xserv running Tiger (I have not verifed the version) using Filemaker Server Advanced 8 (again, I haven't checked the version). When there is data in the container fields in one particular dbase, the screen display is extremely slow. Eventually it does display with the contents of the container, but when I scroll up, the display of the record is broken up. If I scroll down, the record is broken up as well. When I access records without data in the container fields, I have normal access, scrolling up and down the record, the display does not behave other than normally. The data files in the container fields are not large, about 150kb and are jpegs.  Other users access the same data without the same behaviour. All are XP users. Some operate Filemaker Pro 9, most get access using IWP. (I can get prompt access to the container fields using IWP from my browser.) Copying the file to my local drive and opening the file from the local drive provides pretty quick access from records with data in container fields. (The dbase notifies me that network sharing is not turned on in when I am open the copied dbase.) I access other dbases on the server. None of them have container fields. Access to them is normal. I have switched cable from my ethernet outlet in favour of cat 6 cable to see if the cable was creating a problem. The switch did not change the behaviour. I have an extra monitor running usually. Unhooking it made no difference. I am not sure what else I should add to help troubleshoot this problem. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          Your setup does not sound out of the ordinary.  FileMaker Server 8 only serves the files, while FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 accesses the file.


          Are any other applications running?  Having Mail and Safari open are expected, but I'd like to know all applications that are currently running.


          Is it just this one database file?  Create another database file and insert some of the same graphics from the original file.  Open this on the server and check the access again.  Is there a difference?


          If you know, where did these JPEGs originate?


          Any other information you can provide about your machine may help provide some clues and narrow the possible causes.



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