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Screen redraws/refreshes like crazy when running on WindowsXP using Bootcamp on MacBook Pro 17"

Question asked by southpaw on Oct 24, 2009


Screen redraws/refreshes like crazy when running on WindowsXP using Bootcamp on MacBook Pro 17"

Description of the issue

Hi, I have had this problem for quite some time. I was encouraged to post a thread here by the FileMaker tech support. Hopefully, someone can point me to solving my problem.  ------------------------------- Problem------------------------------- When I launch FMPro application, I experice no problem with the screen redraw. However as soon as I open/create a FileMaker database file, the screen starts refreshing/redrawing like crazy. Sometimes, it stops after 5 minutes. Then I can work on FMP solution for a couple of minutes and the screen redarw/refresh starts again. When this crazy problem is happening on FMP, other apps on the laptop is performing just fine.  ------------------------------- Work Environment------------------------------- I am using FileMaker Pro 9.03 at work. I am trying to run FMP on my MacBookPro using BootCamp to run WindowsXP Professional. FMP solutions are hosted on FMPro Server over the office LAN.I have tired FMP7, 8, 8.5 in past at previous work with the same problem. Recently, I was provided with FMP9.03 at the current work and anxiously installed it on my MacBookPro (WinXP running on BootCamp) if new version would make any diffrence. Unfortunately there's no difference. So I keep on doing FMP work on the desktop PC while I do all the other work on my beloved MacBook Pro. Recently, I realized I might be able to use VNC to my desktop PC and use FMP. It works but it only works in the office. At home, I do not have additional desktop PC nor do I have additional FMP license to install.  ------------------------------- Switch to Mac?  Not Yet ------------------------------- I used to be a Mac user but I have been primarily on Windows platform for the past 12 years and do not wish to siwtch back to Mac platform just yet. VPN and other security software I need for office network is not available for Mac. And there are many small apps and utilities that I have been constantly using on Windows platform and I do not have the time to find the equivelent for Mac. Has anyone experienced a similar issue that I am suffering? Please someone provide me with a solution.Thanks in advance for your kind help.Southpaw