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Screen Refresh Errors

Question asked by JosephMcNabb on Dec 3, 2014
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Screen Refresh Errors


FileMaker Pro


FMP 13

Operating system version

Windows Pro 7 and Windows 8

Description of the issue

We've had significant refresh screen errors using FMP 13 since installation on 3 new and different computers - Dell OptiPlex (Win Pro 7), Surface Pro 3 (Win 8) and HP ProBook (Win Pro 7). The screen refresh errors result in extra stray lines, cut off and compressed lines of text and difficulty typing--cursor jumps ahead of text.
After extensive and methodical malware /anti-virus scans were performed and no threats identified, FMP 13 was uninstalled and reinstalled, as well as all other applications, printer drivers, etc.  Nothing resolved the screen refresh errors. The hard drive of the Dell OptiPlex was then wiped and the OS reformatted. This fixed the issue.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Similarly, the Surface Pro and HP Probook we managed--wiped the hard drives and reformatted the OS

Expected result

Wiping the hard drives and reformatting the OS we hoped would resolve the screen refresh errors, after re-installation of FMP 13

Actual result

The screen refresh errors persist. Comparing the 2, they are worse on the HP ProBook.  The screen resolution of the ProBook is 1920 x 1080 (higher resolution screen, yet is the same as the Optiplex monitor).

Configuration information

When FMP is installed on a laptop of lower screen resolution, such as the standard 1366 x 768, there are no screen refresh errors.


On the Surface Pro 3, if move the page (with the errors in text) up or down and out of the field of view then back again, they will refresh and correct the errors.