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Script Import Picks Wrong Table

Question asked by ralvy on Jul 28, 2010
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Script Import Picks Wrong Table


FileMaker Pro


11 v2

Operating system version


Description of the issue

I posted this here today:

If a script import step references a table that doesn't exist in the source file, the import step might still show a field will import if Matching Names is active and FM finds a table with a field that has the same name as that found in the target table.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Add a table to your solution that has a field name that matches a field name in all the other tables.

2. Place a copy of the new solution in a separate folder.

3. Create a script step that imports data from the new table in the file copy (in the other folder), to the same new table in the original, using Matching Names.

4. Now replace the copy in the other folder with the older solution (the doesn't have the new table).

5. Load the script and see what FM says that new script step will import.

Expected result

You shouldn't see a table picked in the source side of the dialog, or if you do, none of the fields should import. This is because the source file doesn't have the table the script step was setup to import from.

Actual result

FM displays some table to participate in the import (obviously not the one chosen when the script step was set up). And if FM sees a matching field name, it will say it will do the import because Matching Names is active.


I made sure I altered the field name in question, in the target table, so Matching Names fails to find a match.