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    Script issue



      Script issue


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows 7, XP

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      Help Is this script correct. it is not inserting the date.
      If(IsEmpty(${U-C-X Invoices}::Invoice Date) ;Get( CurrentDate);${U-C-X Invoices}::Invoice Date)

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          I've re-opened comments here so that others who find this can read what likely is the issue here:

          The syntax of your If function looks correct, though I avoid using characters such as - in my field names so that I don't have to deal with the ${ } characters in my expressions.

          If this is an auto-entered calculation, it won't update correctly as time passes. It should be a calculation field instead.

          If this is a calculation field, it will update with the current date as time passes only if "unstored" is specified in storage options.

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            Anthony Berot:

            Thank you for your post.

            The suggestions by "PhilModJunk" are excellent (Thank you!).

            Another possibility is to make sure your Invoice Date field is truly empty.  For example, if you have a space in the field, then it may appear empty, but the calculation would be false and it would result in the Invoice Date still being displayed with a space.

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