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Script print issue

Question asked by CaptainJake on Nov 1, 2011
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Script print issue


FileMaker Server


FMP Server 11

Operating system version

XP and Windows 7

Description of the issue

When I create a script to run on a file being served through FMP Server it does not properly reset the printer set up at each station. The results are mixed depending upon what the printer defaults are at each station.It appears as if the script step for printer, defaults to the current print variables set on the station performing the script instead of resetting the printer defaults set up when the script was created. I have tried creating separate scripts steps and calling up those scrips within a script as well as setting up a redundent printer set up to no avail. Is this a limitation in Filemaker? Or is thier some specific way to do this that will overide the default printer set up at each station

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a script and include a "printer set up" "restore the printer set up" then print

Expected result

If the printer set up was "portrait", "2 copies", "staple left corner", "Collated" that is what I expect to get on any station that calls that script.

Actual result

If the default printer set up was "landscape" on the station that called the script it does not print "portrait". If the default set up was "3 hole punch duplex" then I may very well get that also. Even though it is not in my print set up

Configuration information

Latest driver for new Minolta Bizhup C 552 and windows XP and Windows 7 stations. Filemaker server 11 running on Windows small business server latest version. One file with 24 tables 7 users on seat license.


Show print driver and make eveyone use printer set up each time they print