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Script steps move out of order unexpectedly

Question asked by hschlossberg on May 22, 2015
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Script steps move out of order unexpectedly


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

Double-click a step to edit it and instead of an editor... the step has jumped up or down across the script and is now out of place.  Unbelievable.  And grabbing a line and sliding it to a new position often moves the wrong line.

Steps to reproduce the problem

PROBLEM A: Double-clicking a step makes it jump out of place:
1) Click into inline editor widget (on an IF[] step, for example);
2) Now double-click on that same step, but outside the inline area (on the word "If", for example);
3) When you do that, chances are good that the editor won't open.  But what you will see for a moment is a little square mouse icon that is the same icon shown while sliding a step up or down.  Nothing bad has happened yet, but this is a clue.
4) So click into the inline editor again for that step.
5) Now dbl-click into the inline editor for another step in your script that has an inline editor.
6) And now dbl-click outside the inline editor on the same step (on the word "If").  Chances are about 1 in 4 that this step has now moved just above or below the step in #4 above.

PROBLEM B: Intentionally moving a step moves the wrong step:
1) Select a step in your script so that it is highlighted in blue;
2) Now grab another step below that step and slide it up somewhere. Grab and slide without pausing between the grab and the slide.
3) Chances are about 1 in 2 that as you are sliding you will notice that a completely different step has been highlighted in blue.  And if you complete your slide and release, you will see that this other completely different step has now moved unexpectedly.


Go slow.  Go very, very slow.  Save often.  Say the step name and line number out loud before you do anything with it, to help you remember where you were before your script got messed up.  Use 13 until 14 is ready for public release.