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Script Steps' Description Error

Question asked by philmodjunk on May 29, 2015
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Script Steps' Description Error


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The Description text that pops up when you select Perform Find, Constrain Found Set and Extend Found set is incomplete and misleading to new developers.
Example: the description for Perform Found Set reads: "Finds records using find requests stored with the script step."

This implies that it ONLY uses requests stored with the found set and to make it worse this is the least desirable way to script a find as it hides the find criteria from view making it harder to review a script and the stored requests (unless a change was made that I don't know about) are less capable than the alternative method anyway.

The alternative method, to enter find mode and then use set field and other steps to build find requests before performing a find, extending or constraining the found set with no stored find requests, is not mentioned in this description and this can mislead new developers as to how best to script a find.