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    script to open a Windows folder (not a file) from FM



      script to open a Windows folder (not a file) from FM


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      windows xp

      Description of the issue

      I want to create a script in FM which automatically opens one folder (example "translations") in my file server. And possibly create subdirectories ("001", "002" etc.)in the same folder.
      "001" is a field of my FM.
      Although I am relatively familiar with scripts,I cannot understand which script I have to use and what folder path I have to digit
      We have 3 servers: FM server, file server (windows xp) and mail server.

      Expected result

      I want to open (and possibly create) a different folder from each FM record
      You have already helped me in the past. I'm sure you'll help me once again! Thank you.

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               Did you know that you have posted this question to "Report an Issue"? This section is intended for post possible bug reports about the FileMaker software suite. The FM Pro Forum tab at top of this screen is supposed to take you to the section for getting help answering questions on how to use FileMaker.

               No big deal really, except that this section is less often visited by anyone but those posting bug reports so you are less likely to get help with your questions here.

               The reason that you can't find script steps for what you want is that FileMaker does not have script steps for opening a system window to a folder nor for creating new folders.

               You may be able to use a web viewer with a file: URL to display the contents of a folder, but creating new folders requires executing a system script--such as a command line, batch file or VBS file might do. Or you can acquire a FileMaker plug in for doing this.

               Note: It's possible to use Export Records to create and execute Batch and VBS files using data in a table where each record is a single command/script line.

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                      No big deal really ...

                 Actually, it is a big deal for those of us who visit this forum to keep up with "what's (reportedly) wrong with FileMaker".

                 More and more often, I find that I have to wade through numerous non-issue posts to find legitimate issues.

                 How about adding a clear statement as a header? ... like "This is not a Q/A help forum."

                 Anyone agree?



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                   They do seem to frequently miss this text that appears at the top of the Report an Issue form:

                   If you have a question about how to use a FileMaker product, please post that question to one of the other forums (FileMaker Forum, FileMaker Server Forum or FileMaker Go Forum) that have been set up for that purpose.
                   But this forum has long been one in which it is easy to "get lost" in so I'm not going to further penalize someone who fails to post a question in the "right" place by refusing to answer their question...