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    Script will not stop running



      Script will not stop running


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      The program is locked into find mode. I was setting a field to trigger a script and it is now locked into that script and find mode. The program/data base does not respond other than opening the field search information.

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          You can halt a script by pressing esc (windows) or command-Period (mac) as long as:

          1. Allow user abort is not used in the script to disable this.
          2. The script isn't "hung" on a single step (such as a perform find that triggers indexing a field and the index is corrupted.)

          Scripts that perform finds often pause for user input. Do you see a button that says "continue" in your status area at the top of your screen?

          Is this script run from a script trigger or when the file is opened? (Maybe the trigger selected is performing the script all over again each time the script completes.)

          Can you post your script?