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Script with Print[No Dialog] "remembers" wrong printer

Question asked by philmodjunk on Aug 21, 2009
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Script with Print[No Dialog] "remembers" wrong printer

Description of the issue

System Info:FMP 10v3 on Windows XP SP3. Two Printer Drivers:Epson SQ-2500 (For printing Invoices on NCR paper)--Default PrinterHP-OfficeJet Pro K850 Series One printer at a time is physcially connected to the computer. (This is my development "test bed" and I rarely have to use the epson driver). Test 1:I connect the dot matrix printer (Uses the Epson driver) and launch the database.I select File Print Setup and specify the Epson printer driver. (K850 printer shows when dialog first appears.)I perform the print script.Filemaker Attempts to print to the dot matrix printer but uses the K850 printer driver instead of the default printer. Result, naturally is gobbletygook. Test 2:I modify the script by clearing the No Dialog option on the print script step.I repeat steps 2 & 3 above.The dialog appears still showing the K850 driver as the selected printer.I select the Epson Driver, continue the script and get the correct output.Test 3:I close and reopen the database.When I select Print Setup from the file menu, I see the Epson driver already selected.I perform the script.The dialog appears specifying the K850 driver! What I'm trying to do:If this were the production copy of the database, I'd use the restore option to hardwire the script to the epson driver and also select it as the default printer. That combination works well for us. But I'm putting together a demo version of this database. I have no way of knowing what printer an interested potential customer will use when test driving it. I would like the demo file to always print using the default printer driver, without having the script stop and pop up a print dialog. The above tests suggest that might not be possible if the user happens to have one or more of the above drivers on their computer. :smileymad: