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Scripts and script steps moving unexpectedly, and without indication

Question asked by Extensitech on Jun 2, 2015
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Scripts and script steps moving unexpectedly, and without indication


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 and 8

Description of the issue

Scripts in the scripts list, and more importantly, script steps in a script, seemingly at random move to seemingly random spots in the list.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Unfortunately, although this has been witnessed several times, we have been unable to narrow down the specific combination(s?) of clicks and keystrokes that cause this to happen.

Expected result

Scripts and script steps stay where they were unless the user drags them elsewhere, copy/pastes, etc.

Actual result

When editing script steps, the script view will "jump" to a random location. On finding where I was, I (sometimes) notice that a step is missing, and have to go hunting for an out-of-place step, which may be anywhere in the script. Even worse, since there's no clear indication that this has happened, I have a few times not noticed, until running or debugging and finding a seemingly random script step where it doesn't belong, and which point I have to try and figure out where it was supposed to be.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Watching like a hawk while editing script steps.

Realistically, there is NO acceptable workaround. I CANNOT USE FM14 for scripting, at least not for real projects, until and unless this is fixed. :-(