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Scripts Periodically won't open in Manage Scripts

Question asked by AdamDempsey on Jun 2, 2011


Scripts Periodically won't open in Manage Scripts


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 11.0v3

Operating system version

Windows Server 2003 via Citrix

Description of the issue

When using FileMaker to edit scripts I sometimes cannot edit a script by either double click or the edit button.

Other scripts will open fine and the script in changes every time.

If I close the file and then reselect it from the window menu (where it stays open because of relationships) I can then edit the script without a problem.

Video showing the problem:

Steps to reproduce the problem

I don't have a way to reproduce it 100% but when I'm using FileMaker day to day it happens to me multiple times a day.

I'm not able to reproduce it using my local FileMaker installation, although I don't use that as often.

Expected result

Script opens in Script Editor when double clicked or the Edit button is pressed.

Actual result

Script doesn't open.

Configuration information

FileMaker Advanced 11.0v3 running as a Published Application via Citrix (Presentation Server 4.5)


Close the file and reselect from the show menu menu.