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    Scroll Wheel Bug [Windows]



      Scroll Wheel Bug [Windows]


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      XP SP3

      Description of the issue

      When the Records menu is removed, and record navigation is disabled...the scroll wheel on the mouse still navigates records.  Only happens with FileMaker 11 on Windows.  Behavior not exhibited in FileMaker 10 or 9.

      Here is a link to a video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQsRDBR60io

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Install a Custom Menu set that does not include the Records menu. (Only navigate records via script).
      Spin the Scroll Wheel on the mouse.

      Expected result

      With the Records menu and navi disabled, one would expect to only be able to navigate records via script.  As is the behavior in FM 10.

      Actual result

      Scrolling of the wheel navigates to other records.


      Hide and Lock the Status Toolbar.
      Go back to FileMaker 10.
      Use a mouse with no Scroll Wheel.

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          Josh O.:

          Thanks for posting.

          I was able to replicate this behavior using FileMaker Pro 11 on Windows. As you noted, this issue does not affect FileMaker Pro 11 on OS X or FileMaker Pro 10 at all. I went ahead and forwarded your post to our Development and Quality Assurance (testing) departments for review and confirmation.


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Josh O.:

            Our Quality Assurance department has confirmed this as an issue with FileMaker Pro 11 on Windows. We'd also like to know if you frequently run into scenarios where hiding and locking the status toolbar is not a viable work around or significantly diminishes the end user experience. If you do, would you be able to give some examples?


            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Not for nothing, but this HAS to be addressed and soon. It either has to be be controllable or at least consistent with Mac behavior.

              I am having to rewrite interfaces because the scroll wheel scrolls through records when that is NOT the expected behavior. This is especially bad for mixed Mac and Win networks where the behavior is inconsistent. As it is, with Win users, I have to turn the Status Bar on and off to allow them to see the Operators menu in Find Mode and to Continue paused scripts. And without the Status Bar, they lack many navigation tools that have to be recreated manually. 

              Please, this is NOT an insignificant bug.

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                As for the end user, any decent developer can replicate the behavior (and look if they want) of the Status Toolbar.  I do remember a push for developers to use the Status Toolbar, and not to hide it and roll their own.  It somewhat defeats the purpose of changes/improvements made to the toolbar, if we have to hide it to provide a professional user experience.

                Plus as the developer, it's common to use a custom menu with Developer commands that the end user does not see.  In development, especially for those times that it is absolutely necessary to work on live solutions, having access to the status area is vital and helps development speed.  While it is not too difficult to add in steps to show the status area...why make us jump through that hoop?  Especially when this is a clear bug, that represents a danger to end users data...especially if they are unaware that it happens.  I only noticed it by accident and I have been using FM11 for almost a full year.

                Hopefully, even if the engineering team is busy on a new version of FM, this gets fixed.  It would be a sad thing to see such a simple bug (simple from a user's perspective), not be fixed just because of new version of the software is on it's way.  Thanks TSBear for getting this bug some attention.  By the way, about how many of FM user base is on Windows???