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Scrolling glitches

Question asked by kaosmaker on Jul 13, 2015
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Scrolling glitches


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 8.1

Description of the issue

We have been experiencing some terrible glitches when scrolling up and down a layout via the scroll bar. Please reference the attached screenshots: In the first shot, the layout is as it should be. In the second shot, some minor glitching has already begun, simply by scrolling up and down. A line appears where there oughtn't be a line, and a field is half-disappeared, overlapped by other fields (which are not overlapping at all in layout mode). Lastly, hovering over the various fields seems to shift them (no doubt triggered by the Hover behaviors) into the mess seen in the last image.

This is prohibitively bad, and keeps us from designing any form layouts that might, on some monitor somewhere, be too long to display and require scrolling. We'll keep on developing our new solution, but we absolutely cannot deploy this project until this issue is resolved.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Click on the scroll bar and drag it up and down repeatedly. The effect is semi-random, so one simple scroll may not reproduce the problem, but several repeated movements up and down certainly will.

Expected result

Normal displays as designed.

Actual result

Glitchy displays, as shown in the attached screenshots.

Configuration information

Standard Filemaker themes


Scrolling up and down by clicking only on the arrow buttons in the scroll bar does not cause glitching.

Entering Layout Mode and returning to Browse Mode clears the glitches.

Changing layouts clears the glitches.

Changing records clears the glitches.