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Scrolling in List view is very slow

Question asked by JamesGrubic on Apr 4, 2012
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Scrolling in List view is very slow


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version


Description of the issue

Brand new database with about 400 records and 27 fields, I converted it to FM12.

In Filemaker 10 this was scrolling effortlessly in List view. In fact I can launch it in FM10 even now and happily scroll to my heart's content.

In Filemaker 12 the scroll speed is significantly slower. This is with a spartan UI. If I dare to apply any of the themes with rounded UI elements, etc., it gets even slower.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Convert database to v12

Go to layout with List view-friendly layout

Expected result

Smooth, fast scrolling

Actual result

Slow, choppy scrolling. I timed this as well and it was almost a full second slower on this database of approximately 400 records.


Don't use Filemaker 12