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Scrolling Up w/either the bar or mouse causes redraw fragment

Question asked by TonyKnight on Apr 7, 2011
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Scrolling Up w/either the bar or mouse causes redraw fragment & unreadable screen @ 150%.


FileMaker Pro


11.0, 11.2, & 11.3

Operating system version

10.5.8, 10.6.4, 10.6.7

Description of the issue

So far ever version of FileMaker 11 has had a redraw problem when scrolling up. It only does this while scrolling up and in 150% view. Almost every one in the office has to have it at 150% view so they can see the fields.

All previous versions seem to be fine until moving to FM 11. We have a layout with several repeated fields that are two pages long. Everyone has iMac 24", or Quad Mac Pro's w/23", or MacBook Pro w/i7 processors. On every machine if you scroll up at any speed other than a very fast "flick" on a Magic Mouse or grabbing the side bar very fast...FM will start to stutter step/repeat graphics on the screen...over and over until you cannot read the screen at all (the FM screen will end up looking like fractals same 1/4" or 3/8" inch slice of screen repeated. It basically is acting like it cannot redraw and so you get graphic stutter stepping as you continue to scroll up. If you scroll slowly down there is never a problem...only if you scroll up normally or any other speed other than super fast (which many ladies cannot do with longer nails).

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



The only way we've found to "Refresh" the screen when FM starts to do this is "flick" the scroll bar or Magic Mouse up and down as fast as possible. Or toggle the view back and forth. Or hit Preview and then go back to Browse. It seems to be a little better when a person 'Hides the Status Bar' but then we need to use that, too. So unfortunatly it's kind of a pain anyway you slice it (no pun intended). :-) This was NOT a problem w/8, 9, or 10.