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Searching for script still fails any reasonable usability assessment

Question asked by KevinPfeiffer on Mar 9, 2011


Searching for script still fails any reasonable usability assessment


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

Disappointed to see that two versions later the following still happens...

Entering the exact name of an existing script in the search field of "Managing Scripts" and pressing Return does not take you to the found script (see Windows and Macintosh operating systems for examples of how this works, among others), but instead opens a wholly unwanted new, empty script.

Lest you think that this is an intended, i.e., "good" behavior, the newly created script is unnamed, i.e., the characters you typed into the search field are disregarded (as opposed to being used to name the new script).

Finally, to rub salt in the wound, closing this unwanted, unnamed -- empty -- new script (for which purpose there is a perfectly good "New script" button) does not automatically delete it (remember, it's unnamed and empty) --- no, you have to select and delete it yourself (and confirm this action, nonetheless, that you really, really want to delete and empty, unnamed script that was created when all you were trying to do is search for an existing script.

This idiotic behavior has been around forever, it seems, but I had hoped that an upgrade from 9 to 11 (11.3, for that matter) would have taken care of such time-wasting nonsense. Disappointing...

Steps to reproduce the problem

Search for script in "Managing Scripts"

Expected result

Script is found (if match) and opened when you click return

Actual result

A new, unnamed script is created -- see above for further details. (There are probably thousands of FM databases around the world full of empty "New script" scripts.)


Reconsider using Filemaker? Nag the developers about shoddy user interface design lingering in a mature product?