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    Second monitor



      Second monitor

      Description of the issue

      I dragged an FM11 window onto my second monitor and the status toolbar disappeared off the top of the screen. Now I can't drag it back.

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          Me again. More details...


          FileMaker system FM Pro Advanced 11.1

          Mac OS X 10.6.3 running on a 2.8 GHz Intel i7 with 8GB 1067 MHz DDr3

          Primary monitor 27-inch iMac 2560 x 1440

          Secondary monitor is a ViewSonic 1920  x 1080



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            Steve Wright

            I can confirm this is an issue with Filemaker 11 on OSX 10.6.3 also..


            However, only if I hit the maximise (+) icon in the top left of the window.

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              which name do i choose:


              Thank you for your post.


              The only two-monitor machine that I have access to is larger second monitor.  When I drag the file to the larger second monitor and maximize, I have trouble dragging back.  I have to drag the window downwards until it fits the size of the original monitor before it will allow me to drag it back to the first monitor.  So, even though I cannot reproduce the problem, I have some indication why this happens.


              I have forwarded your post to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.  When more information becomes available for you, I will post here.



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                I have also noticed some screen redraw issues on the PC version.  When I drag the window to the second monitor fields do not redraw consistently.

                Tabbing into fields that are set to select the entire contents often do show the selection.  And when typing in the field, nothing happens until you exit the field or commit.  Then the field refreshes.  This is a brand new file with no scripts/triggers.  Everything works fine on the primary monitor.

                OS:  Windows XP SP3

                FM: FileMaker Pro Advanced 11v2

                Primary Monitor:  Acer H233H (DVI)

                Secondary Monitor:  Dell 1707FP (VGA)

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                  Thank you for your post.

                  Can you tell me more about your Windows machine?  What kind of machine?  Is there an accelerator card?  Is there any accelerator enabled for the video display driver?  Do you have access to another secondary monitor?  Anything else you can provide may be helpful.

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                    I have the same problem.

                    External monitor (27" Cinema) as primary monitor on a MacBook Pro 15" i7 HighRes late 2010. 

                    Running Mac OS X 10.6.6

                    Running Filemaker Pro Advace 11.0v2

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                      I apologize for the late reply.  This issue has been confirmed by our Testing department and the information has been sent to Development for further review.

                      You can see a similar post with a detailed explanation on the forum at:

                      Screen dimension / window position errors on second monitor

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                        Hi. I have experienced a different behavior, but probably due to the same problem.

                        FileMaker 11v3 Advanced
                        MacOs X 10.6.6
                        MacBook  Pro 15”, 2.33 GHz, 2 GB RAM
                        Secondary monitor: HP x22LED

                        Using HP monitor as secondary monitor.

                        Dragging a FileMaker window in the secondary monitor and maximizing it, different behaviors are observed:

                        Browse mode: the window is positioned to a constant distance from the top side of the screen; left, right and bottom edges of the window adhere to the screen limits.

                        Layout mode: the window is resized to the secondary screen’s dimensions, but is still positioned at the same distance from the top, so that the lower part is cut.

                        Browse mode (again, or Find mode): after window maximizing in Layout mode, every maximization resets the window to the same size (same of the screen) and position (far from the top).

                        I’d like to add some screenshots to better explain the situation, but the Insert/edit image command seems not to be able to upload pictures from my computer. If you think screenshots could be useful, i’ll appreciate if you suggest me how can i upload them in an answer of the thread (without publishing them on a website).

                        Kind regards

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                          This issue has been addressed in FileMaker Pro 16.



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