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Security Setting

Question asked by bosch_bastiaan on Dec 10, 2014
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Security Setting


FileMaker Pro


13 Advanced

Operating system version


Description of the issue

I wanted to create an user-account,
where the (admin) user has FULL-Access-priveledges, Except changing security settings.

Creating a new privelidge set, where user has equal setting to a FULL-Access-Admin, including access FMapp
When logging in as that user, Unable to  make, Change and remove in all tables. See PNG's
File>Manage database and other options are Greyed out.

@t this moment it is NOT possible to make an Admin account that can do ALL, except changing security. (unless managed through server / external table ?)

Steps to reproduce the problem

create an account, where setting all equals the Admin-Full-Access, hence
records-access and design
records = make, Change and remove in all tables
lay-outs ALL changeable
Lists : ALL Changeable
Scripts: ALL Changable
Other privileges: ALL Marked "on"
Available menu's ALL

Expected result

When having selected
records = ALLOW  make, Change and remove in all tables,
user must be able to make, Change and remove in all tables, / fields etc..

Actual result

User NOT able to access tables nor change field names (and other functions

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

NO message

Configuration information

No relevant info


No Workaround, except give user FULL Admin Access