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Selecting objects in FM11 vs. FM12

Question asked by scott2si on Jun 5, 2012
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Selecting objects in FM11 vs. FM12


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It is totally annoying & non-fixable things like this which is why I implore every FileMaker developer to completely avoid FileMaker 12.

Check out the 2 screenshots below. The first screenshot is from FileMaker 11 -- it is ABSOLUTELY SIMPLE to tell which objects you have selected on the layout. This is something that developers can work with.

Now check out the second screenshot, which is from FileMaker 12. I have selected the exact same objects in FileMaker 12, and it is impossible for any human being to tell which objects are selected. Are just the buttons selected? Are the words inside the buttons selected? How about the word in the middle of the screen? Is that selected? You can't even keep track of what you have selected so far in a series of selections, because it's just impossible to tell.

Thanks, FMI, for making making developers' lives a living hell!! I've spent 2 hours working on a layout this morning in FM12 that would've only taken me 15 minutes in FM11!