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    Selecting objects in FM11 vs. FM12



      Selecting objects in FM11 vs. FM12


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      It is totally annoying & non-fixable things like this which is why I implore every FileMaker developer to completely avoid FileMaker 12.

      Check out the 2 screenshots below. The first screenshot is from FileMaker 11 -- it is ABSOLUTELY SIMPLE to tell which objects you have selected on the layout. This is something that developers can work with.

      Now check out the second screenshot, which is from FileMaker 12. I have selected the exact same objects in FileMaker 12, and it is impossible for any human being to tell which objects are selected. Are just the buttons selected? Are the words inside the buttons selected? How about the word in the middle of the screen? Is that selected? You can't even keep track of what you have selected so far in a series of selections, because it's just impossible to tell.

      Thanks, FMI, for making making developers' lives a living hell!! I've spent 2 hours working on a layout this morning in FM12 that would've only taken me 15 minutes in FM11!


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          /files/2c678997ff/Screen_Shot_2012-06-05_at_12.22.29_PM.png 737x391
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            The thing I really don't understand is what good does it do for FileMaker to "group" our selected objects together as we select them? It makes absolutely no sense, and it provides absolutely no added functionality. It's just some sort of eye candy the FileMaker added on a whim, for no functional reason whatsoever. Instead, it removed tons of functionality, because 99% of the time, you can't even see which objects you selected in the first place. Check out my screenshots for proof of this… there is no evidence at all as to which text objects were selected.


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              There actually is a light blue line around the items you select.  But, it is so light that it is hard to see.  In your picture, the re-login is not selected.

              But, along those lines, I also would like to see it select only the items we completely select, not anything we touch.  Backgrounds and anything we even touch get selected. 

              In FMP 11 it only selected, when using a mouse to select by dragging, the items you completely covered.  Now in FMP 12, when dragging anything you touch gets selected.  So, I have to unselect backgrounds and espcially I have some layouts with background and 40 or so checkboxes, and I cannot select just the checkboxes, all of the backgorund stuff comes along. 


              Jim Toland

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                Hello scott2si:

                Thank you for posting. 

                Our development and testing department is aware of this particular issue. I have added your post to the original report.

                James Toland:

                You can hold the command key to revert to the previous selection behavior. 


                FileMaker Inc.

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                  Jim Toland: NOT TRUE what you said about my screenshot, which is EXACTLY WHY I posted the screenshots to begin with!

                  You absolutely CANNOT see ANY light blue lines around all the objects that I have selected, which is EXACTLY WHY you mistakenly believed that the words "re-login" is not selected.

                  In my screenshot, I have selected the following 5 objects:

                  1. The words "Re-Login" (text block)

                  2. The words "Log Out" (text block)

                  3. The words "Contracts" (text block)

                  4. The grey button surrounding Log Out.

                  5. The grey button surrounding Contracts.

                  You can only BARELY visibly see a blue outline around #4 and #5, but there is absolutely NO INDICATOR AT ALL around #1, #2, and #3.

                  Take a look at my FMP 11 screenshot above the FMP 12 screenshot, and you will see EXACTLY WHICH 5 OBJECTS I have selected. These are the EXACT SAME 5 OBJECTS that I have selected in FMP 12, but FMP 12 only shows me that I have selected #4 and #5... and even then, it is so light that you can barely see those as well.

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                    TSwildcat:Can you please note that there are TWO separate issues happening here.

                    Issue #1 is that it is impossible to see the light blue outline that FMP 12 displays on screen.

                    Issue #2 is that FMP 12 DOESN'T EVEN PUT THAT LIGHT BLUE OUTLINE AROUND ALL THE OBJECTS THAT ARE SELECTED. Please compare my 2 screenshots above, and please read my post that I just posted to Jim Toland above. This is VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND HERE.

                    Please let me know that you understand that these are 2 completely separate issues, both of which are equally annoying.

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                      Based on your 2nd picture I was talking about the button for the re-login, not the actual text. I enlarged it so that the colors show better.  Yes in your picture the re-login text is selcted and I can see the light blue outline. So based on the light blue highlights, I can see the five things you mentioned, since you were talking about text, and I was simply looking at buttons.  It is hard to see, I agree. Light blue on Grey is very hard to see. But, I can see the light blue highlight on all the text and two of the buttons in your second picture.

                      Thanks TSwildcat...  I'll try the command key.  : )


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                        Jim, thank you for your clarification! OMG, your'e right!!! My apologies. Although this is just insane! I had to zoom my screen into about 500% to even see that blue border. Whoever created FMP 12 should really be fired from FileMaker Inc. and forced to look for a new job. TSWildcat, can you please fire whoever is responsible for these disgusting blue borders in FMP 12, which can only be seen when zoomed in at 500%? Thank you! :)

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                          Hello scott2si:

                          Thank you for posting.

                          In response to your e-mail.  I did pass your comments and suggestions to the testing and development department.

                          Even the "can you please fire whoever is responsible for these disgusting blue borders in FMP 12" part. 


                          FileMaker Inc.

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                            Ha, great! Thank you!

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                                   I totally agree with scott2si. The change provides no benefit, so why do it?

                                   And trying to option drag a field to copy several in line doesn/t work in FM12 either. Total waste of time having to copy it and then align it when I could do it all in one motion.

                                   Really poor functionality. Bring back the old way or at least make it an option you can choose.