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      selecting text

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      I am trying out Filemaker 11 and it will not allow me to select a portion of text in a field.  I can do it in one text field but not another.  I have no problem with this in Filemaker 10.

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          Any chance you have "select entire contents on entry" enabled for that field?

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            Thanks for your suggestion.  I checked it out -- if that feature was enabled I didn't do it (I work at the most basic level in the DB) .    To test Filemaker 11, I just pulled up an old version of my Filemaker DB (which was working fine) -- Filemaker 11 must have done something to the file.   I just tried another old version of the file, and I still can't select on just a few characters.  The entries in that field contain a lot of special symbols (e.g. ◊, £) -- but again, Filemaker 10 is fine.


            By the way, I tried to find information in Help on that feature -- using your phase (select entire contents on entry) as search parameter --  with no luck. 


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              Thank you for your post.


              Besides the special characters, what font is being used?  Try creating a new layout, and only add this one field to the layout.  Go into Browse Mode.  Are you still unable to select the contents?  If so, then it sounds like FileMaker Pro 11 is doing something differently than FileMaker Pro 10, and I would like to see the file.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - envelope icon just below the blue horizontal bar) with directions where to send the file.



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                Update.  Apparently I had a corrupted file.  I had another problem, and used Recover on the file.  That corrected my problem of overwriting characters and it now allows me to select text when I test out Filemaker 11.