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Self Join on External TO

Question asked by jayg on Feb 21, 2014
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Self Join on External TO


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX 10.8.4

Description of the issue

When self joining an external TO in the relationship graph the values in the second occurrence are not available unless the second file is open.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create 2 files and reference Table A from File 1 in File 2.  In file 2, create a self join of TO A.  Relate Table B in File 2 to Table A.

File 1:
Table A

File 2:
Table B -> Table A -> Table A2

If File 1 is closed, data from the Table A2 is not accessible.  When opening File 1, the data is now accessible from Table B.  When closing File 1, the data is still accessible until closing and reopening File 2 without File 1 open.

Expected result

Data from Table A2 should be accessible by File 2 regardless of whether File 1 is open or not.

Actual result

Data from Table A2 is only accessible if File 1 is opened prior to its access by File 2.