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self problem within field definition calcs

Question asked by billworld on Apr 22, 2009
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self problem within field definition calcs

Description of the issue

The following code does not work within field defeinition calcs but DOES work within auto-enter calcs. RightWords ( GetFieldName (Self) ; 1 )Using GetAsText() doesn't help.The docs for Self say the following:-------You can also use the Self function in field definition calculations (including auto-enter and validation calculations) to return the value of the corresponding field.-------Something should be added indicating that Self-derived values in field definition calcs cannot be further evaluated once their value is obtained. Or, is this a functionality error (e.g. bug?) which needs to be corrected? For my application, I desire the ability to have the following code work within field definition calcs to make my code more dynamic and portable: RightWords ( GetFieldName (Self) ; 1 )