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    Self-updating and filtering Value List



      Self-updating and filtering Value List


      FileMaker Pro



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      Mac OSX 10.6.6

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      I am developing a database and immediately ran into a problem here -
      - I have two tables, one for a list of Companies and one for a list of projects that we are doing.
      - In the Companies table, I have a CompanyName field and a Relationship field. 
      - All of the companies in the database have either "Client" or "Vendor" in the Relationship field.
      - Since all of the projects listed in the Projects table are issued by a "Client," I am trying to create a drop-down list Field called "Client" in my Projects table layout that will pull only the CompanyNames from the Companies Table that have "Client" listed in their Relationship field.
      - I have tried some of the suggested methods under the Conditional Value Lists posts and Value lists filtered posts, but to no avail.
      I am unsuccessful in my efforts so far and need some help.

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          I am having really weird errors here - not sure if anyone else has experienced these, or if I'm missing something:

          - I can successfully create a calculated field that displays only CompanyNames with a Relationship of "Client" in my Companies Table. Assigning this to a New Value List is also no problem.

          - However, when I assign that Value List to a drop-down field in my Projects table, really weird glitches begin to happen. It seems that the Value list choses to display Values it likes, and doesn't like - to put it simply. It doesn't like my original CompanyNames, so I went back to my Companies table and changed the values in the CompanyName field to street addresses (ex. "123 Main St", etc), just to experiment.

          - When I went back to my Projects table to see what the drop-down list now held, it had all of the street addresses listed that were in the calculated field.  But if I went back and changed one of them to a normal name like "ABC Corp." - and went to check my drop down list again - it got rid of all my items and displayed only the "ABC Corp."

          I need help, can't figure this out - gotta be missing something or this is one hell of a glitch.

          BTW sorry PhilModJunk, accidently deleted my post and your posts before when I was typing this up - your responses were helpful.

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            Didn't know you could do that! (Delete someone else's posts)

            Make sure that your company name field is text and make sure that the return type for your calculation field is set to return text. These value lists are built from the field's index and different type indexes are created for number and text fields.

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              Oh Holy Crap dude, thanks - duh - yeah I forgot to set the output of the Calculation field to Text - thats a pretty important little selection box that I forgot about.  Phew! Been working on figuring this out for hours. THANKS!