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Self-updating and filtering Value List

Question asked by DanielClark on Jan 6, 2011
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Self-updating and filtering Value List


FileMaker Pro



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Mac OSX 10.6.6

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I am developing a database and immediately ran into a problem here -
- I have two tables, one for a list of Companies and one for a list of projects that we are doing.
- In the Companies table, I have a CompanyName field and a Relationship field. 
- All of the companies in the database have either "Client" or "Vendor" in the Relationship field.
- Since all of the projects listed in the Projects table are issued by a "Client," I am trying to create a drop-down list Field called "Client" in my Projects table layout that will pull only the CompanyNames from the Companies Table that have "Client" listed in their Relationship field.
- I have tried some of the suggested methods under the Conditional Value Lists posts and Value lists filtered posts, but to no avail.
I am unsuccessful in my efforts so far and need some help.