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Semi-layout mode : partly fixed only

Question asked by fabriceN on Jan 16, 2009
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Semi-layout mode : partly fixed only

Description of the issue

Hi, even if this has been improved a little, the bug persits :if you trigger a script via a plug-in (DoScript, zippScript...) and a layout level calculation (webviewer or conditional formatting or merge field), AND select Show Sample Data, then the script is triggerred from the layout mode and the result is a strange display some layout mode elements in browse mode (rulers, layout parts...)Before, it was always, now only if you go to layout mode twice in a row (the first time, you simply get back to a proper browse mode)IMHO, the best way would be the other way around : prevent plug-in triggering script while in layout mode, but that's ok if they choose to go to a real browse mode (apparently what they tried to do), but it would even be better if it worked :)  Fabrice